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It is interesting that many , many Christians do not know that the books of the Bible were a product of a group of men coming together and choosing the ones that fitted in with their viewpoint and not one brought about by ‘ the will of the Lord ‘. Entire Gospels that are in the Bible now were , at that time , out of favour & visa versa.
It is true that all claimed to be ‘ inspired by God ‘ and that the agreement to include or disregard Gospels was ‘ above all the petty disputes of Man ‘ ,but one only has to watch the goings on in Parliament or Congress to see how that is put into practice .

Putting aside the truth ,or untruths , within these Gospels you have to think to yourself that many of them were added not because they were ‘Godly’ or a vital part of the Jesus story  ,but due to them being in accord to some cliques agenda.

Most Christians also believe that their Bible is a coherent whole when clearly it is not .

After the writings contained in the New Testament were SELECTED from the numerous Gospels and Epistles then in existence ,what became of the Books that were rejected by the compilers ?

What if the compilers made errors and ,for instance ,replaced a Gospel which was older and less embellished for one that gave a better story and was more in accord to the thinking OF THAT TIME ?

It seems that many Christians , upon finishing the Bible study , that their Pastor dutiful provides to them , become experts in Evolution denial , Cosmology and Moral teachings & just on the basis that the Bible is true , because the Bible says it is True ! They need to be quickly reminded that things ain’t what they think is so  ……

This list will show that their Bible is just as man-made and poorly constructed as their god is

The Acts of Andrew
The Gospel of Andrew
The Gospel of Apelles
The Gospel according to the Twelve Apostles

The Gospel of Barnabab
The General Epistle of Barnabas ( This Epistle lays a greater claim to canonical authority than many of the Testaments that ARE actually in the present day Bible )
The writings of Bartholomew
The Gospel of Basilides

The Gospel of Cerinthus

The Gospel according to the Egyptians
The Gospel of the Ebonites (Christianized Jews )
The Gospel of the Encratites
The Gospel of Eve

The Gospel according to the Hebrews
The Book of the Helkesaites
The ( false ) Gospels of Hesychius

The Book of James
The Acts of John
The Gospel of Judas Iscariot

The Acts of the Apostles by Leucius
The Acts of the Apostles by Lentitius
The Acts of the Apostles by Leuthon

The Acts of the Apostles used by the Manichees
The Gospel of Marcion
The Gospel of Matthias
The Gospel of Merinthus

The Gospel of the Nazarenes

The Acts of Paul and Thecla √
The Acts of Paul
The Preaching of Paul and Peter

The Revelation of Paul
The Gospel of Perfection
The Acts of Peter
The Doctrine of Peter
The Gospel of Peter
The Judgment of Peter
The Preaching of Peter
The Revelation of Peter
The Acts of Philip
The Gospel of Peter

The Gospel of Scythianus
The Acts of the Apostles by Seleucus
The Revelation of Stephen

The Gospel of Titan
The Gospel of Thaddaeus
The Epistle of Themison the Montanist
The Acts of Thomas
The Gospel of Thomas
The Revelation of Thomas
The Gospel of Truth

The Gospel of Valentinus

All attributed in the First Four Centuries.

( Sources from ‘  The Apocryphal New Testament ‘ ,London – William Reeves Publishing )

The Bible as it is now came about thru’ the disputes between Alexander , bishop of Alexandria and presbyter Arius . Alexander ‘ commanded Arius to come over to his sentiments and to quit his own ‘
Many good men were engaged on both sides of the controversy .The first thing they did was quarrel . What motives they had are now long buried ,but we live with the consequences of them today .

I hope that Christians by looking thru’ the list and then researching for themselves will see that by a death or a sudden change of mind we may now have had a very different New Testament .For example , The Epistle of Barnabas was cited by many Fathers of the Church , Origen ,Eusebius ,Jerome and Clemens Alexandrinus .

The Bible is but a book .It is a claim and a very bad claim at that !

It’s good to be anti-Islam:

Islamic teachings are not good teachings .

One argument put forth is that because many Muslims ignore ( cherrypick out) the violent verses in the Koran that really Islam is no better or worse than other Abrahamic religions , but all this means is that to make this religion more palatable to modern eyes you have to strip out 7century barbarity and that those ppl who do this have a morality better than their prophet or their god .