The need to Evangelicalize and promote De-conversion

Posted: December 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

What do religions do that Humanists seem reluctant to do?

They go out and convert.They go out and spread the word.

Humanists?I would say, less so.There seems to be an attitude that humanists should not force their views on others and basically wait for ppl to come to you.

This has to change.

Religious Evangelicals (of many beliefs) go out upon the High street and stand for hours preaching from their Holy books . Holy books that are full of myths, half truths and lies.They will pass them off as truth and attempt to win people over.

We, atheists and Humanists, should be out on the street also .Challenging the lies with evidence, their faith, with our facts …

We need more Critical thinkers, not less.



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