Okay , I’ve become an atheist .What now ?

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

First of all , Welcome .
Welcome to Reason , Reality and Logic .Free from Faith and a delusional mindset .

Many people may think – okay , I don’t believe in god , but what do I believe in now ? What direction do I go ? What are my new guidelines for social interaction ?

Well , that’s the benefit of Freethought . You can decide . You no longer have a 1st Century deity intruding on your mind .

Atheism is only the Gateway to Reality .( My quote )

Atheism is a single thing . You have looked around for the evidence for a god or gods and found it lacking . You have looked at the Holy books ( the claims for a godhead ) and found them miserable , pathetic and poorly written .You have no belief that there’s a god .

And that’s it .Atheist .Atheism .

It doesn’t make you a liberal , pro-choice or gay tolerant .These are things tacked onto the word atheist .
You can be a right wing atheist or a racist atheist .
You can be a communist atheist or a pro-life atheist .
Its up to you .
I chose to be a SecularHumanist . I agree with liberal ideals . I walked thru’ that gateway and so can you . Atheism is a transitional term .

Once thru’, you come to Humanism . It is the premise that morality is a matter for discussion and decision in a society , not a divine imposition from up beyond the clouds .
You may find that you become less intolerant of Gay, Lesbian , bisexual and transgender lifestyles .You may think that the giving of blood is a fine thing to do . You may feel no unease at talking to people who have a faith other than the one you once held .

Humanism is an ethical outlook that says each individual is responsible for choosing their values and goals : that being considerate towards others is a worthy thing to be doing . Humanism is about thoughtful living .

No sectarian divisions
No supernaturalism
Treating people with respect

It is a positive outlook and it is never too late to come to it .

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