My De-conversion story

Posted: December 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’m not sure if I have a De-conversion story , because my parents weren’t really religious and the schools I went to didn’t really push christianity on to me .

Anyway ,these are memories

1- my mother told me that as a very young child we went past a church and she got talking on the nearby steps to someone she knew and I sneaked off into the church thru’ the nearby door and a few minutes later I came out crying .She asked me why and I said it was because of the man .She snappily asked ” what man ? ” and pulled me in the church and I ,according to her ,pointed and said ” That man ” …it was Jesus upon the cross . ( 5 )

2 – I was taught Bible stories in school and while everyone was drawing Noah’s ark ( a drawing test \ competition set by the teacher I think ) and being happy to talk about the size of the boat ,the animals , all the water, etc ,I refused ,’cos I was thinking about the drowned people and not understanding why the other kids were so taken by the story . To me it was horrible . ( Age ,about 6 )

3 – Watching Paul Daniels Magic Show and thinking that maybe Jesus just used tricks to make people think he had special powers . (7 ish )

4 – Not being baptized , even tho’ some in my family wanted me to . When this was explained to me what it was , I just thought ” water that is talked over makes it special . That’s stupid ” ( Not sure what age , but maybe 6 )

5 – Meeting and being friends with a boy , who had Hindu parents and him telling me about his gods . Other kids used to make fun of him ( think he was the only ” other faith ” believer  in the school ) and we had a rivalry over paper aircraft .He wouldn’t show me how to make his and I wouldn’t teach him the design that my father showed me , but when he did agree ,we became friends until he moved away .( 7 & 8 )

6 – Later in life – reading and using what I read to argue with Street preachers and Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door ,when my father wasn’t around ,’cos he just said to them ” go away ” .

7 – I was definitely atheist by 14 . I declared it on my birthday .

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