Modern Warfare 2

Posted: June 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

                         The Xbox 360 game that I play the most


I play Modern Warfare 2. I play it online on the Xbox 360. Usually with a few snacks, nuts, crisps and chocolates. Also, one or two bottles of beer. It may be an old game, it may be a sandbox game, but I really like it. I’ve gone thru’ the game a couple of times, but I like the on-line multiplayer best. I also have the other Call of Duty games, but MW2 is, in my opinion, the best.


                                 ”  Where is my rocket launcher ? ”

I am also an atheist on Twitter. I support godless American atheists, skeptics and Humanists. I try to understand the subject of Religion
, which i take a great interest in.
You can find me at –
I would like to bring both loves together. So if you like MW2, or any of the other COD games (I will also play FIFA 13 or FIFA 14 ) and you are an atheist on Xbox live …look for (Kriz)atheistpower on Xbox live / MW2.


See you on the battlefield!


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