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#Stonerrock –that’s the Hash tag & @stonerrock –that’s the best Twitter acct for me
I fucking love stonerrock . I have done so since 1994/95 and then blossomed from 1999, when I had some cash to buy CDs from HMV and Virgin Stores .Kyuss ,was ,is and until senility claims my brain will always be my favourite band.Yes,I know it has gone,comeback and has risen as a new band ,but Kyuss was the kick start for me..It lead me to bands with John Garcia in, such as Slo-Burn ,Unida ,Hermano ,Kyuss lives! and now Vista Chino ( there’s also a solo album coming out in August ) His name appeared on a Orange Goblin album ,which I promptly bought and I love them. (The Mighty Orange Goblin)
Alongside these bands were Fu Manchu and Nebula & Monster Magnet …I was always a Black Sabbath fan (Early only and not into the replacement vocalists )  I was always searching for new stoner bands /desert rock and so it is today .. Spirit Caravan ,Electric Wizard ,Dozer ,WO Fat and Earthless. I also like Acid Witch and sHeavy .Bitchcraftband was on Twitter & I liked them ..There is so many I could mention.
I’ll mention YouTube channels I like that post great videos ( This blog will be edited & updated and refined in the coming weeks,so if it reads badly ,no worries..I’ll sort it out )

Metal Hammer Official
Napalm Records
Andreas karaminas
bitchcraft band
Black Sabbath
Byzanthian Neckbeard
Desert scene UK
Doom Lord
Anyway…that’s a few of them ,with 666MrDoom being the one I go to first
Metal Brothers and sisters
Stoner/Desert rock
Texas Hippie Coalition and lots more

  1. Patrick says:

    Check out the Saint Vitus album “Born Too Late”, The Obsessed album “The Church Within”, The Groundhogs “Who Will Save The World?”, Pentagram “First Daze Here”, Bang S/T, and Gates Of Slumber (can’t recommend an album but I saw ’em live in Delaware and they slayed). Idk if it’s still up but there’s a YouTube channel called Rich After Sabbath that features full albums of Sabbath’s peers and contemporaries.

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