Gay,Lesbian & Transgender

Posted: March 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Some people may wonder why I post Gay,Lesbian & Transgender videos or Tweets.
The simple reason is ,while I’m not Gay,bisexual or have any desire to Trans anything ,i wish to help in some way.
I can think of & have no other way of supporting these communities other than tweeting , to all of my followers, these vids / Tweets that explain that Gay marriages should be allowed & work just as well as Straight ones,that Lesbians should be treated equally and bisexuals aren’t permantly confused and also being Transgender and transitioning from one gender to another must be very difficult.
This is why the very Genuine,Engaging & Informative videos of JoannaH75 & LilyPopFrance and Loosebricks have been Tweeted . These vids gain the most comments . ( Her 17 videos are now private ) VictoriaAnthony

If you don’t agree with the above views ….please unfollo me.


Please also follow Danielle P. Stephanie Guttormson ( NSFW )




Many closeted gay and trans ppl have to go thru’ a period of acceptance & overturning strongly held beliefs .

I mainly promote websites that will help the move from Theist to atheist (it can be done… Dan Barker & Matt Dillahunty for example,both Christians who decided the answers they had weren’t good enough) ,and also finding  something about yourself.
My expectation that i may encourage people (Sheeple) to start breaking free of theism and will help in cultivating—

1-A more liberal view of Life
3-A Secularist viewpoint
and having
4-Humanism as a guide for your life.
5-Being accepting of the #GLBT community .

So support #GLBT and support those who value change .


                           Atheism is the Gateway to reality.

  1. Bad Girl Bex says:

    Another reason why I love being a part of the online atheist community: we all, for the most part, share the exact same views when it comes to stuff like this. We haven’t had any bigoted views dictated to us by some ridiculous ‘holy’ book and therefore take everyone as we find them.

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